Reasons To Consider Cedar Wood Shingles For Your Roof

Are you in the market for a roof replacement or a new roof installation? One of the first things you will have to decide is what type of material to go with. If you are fine with using shingles but you want to move on from typical asphalt, one option that might be worth looking into would be cedar wood shingles. Here's why this type of shingle could be the right choice for your house.

A Unique and Natural Appearance

Cedar wood shingles can make your home stand out within your neighborhood. The shingles are eye-catching simply because they are not asphalt but they also offer a natural beauty that is all their own. Cedar wood is great if you want to go for a more rustic vibe or if you just want something that will look good for years to come.

Resistance to Insects and Wood Rot

When you think about things that are made out of wood, perhaps you are envisioning some possible durability problems. But this may not be the case with the right type of wood. Cedar wood in particular is well known for having natural resistance to problems like wood rot or insect infestation. You'll still want to take care of your roof with regular maintenance just as you would for any other material, but just the fact that this is "wood" will not be a reason for concern.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Cedar wood can help you better regulate the temperature inside your home by providing better insulation. This will make your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy costs.

A Quiet Home

When it comes to insulation, cedar wood can also help insulate against more than just the weather. Cedar wood is outstanding if you want insulation from outside or exterior noise as well. If your house is located on a busy street or there are frequently kids screaming right outside your home, cedar wood may help dull some of that incoming noise in order to help you maintain a more peaceful and relaxing home.

A Renewable Resource

If you are concerned about using wood as a material for your house due to environmental concerns, you should know that cedar wood is actually a renewable resource when sourced responsibly. You can find a local vendor that works hard to keep sustainability in mind and that will let you install your brand-new cedar wood roof guilt-free while keeping your family's environmental footprint to a minimum.

For more info about cedar shingles, contact a local company. 

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