Four Tips For Replacing A Shingle Roof

You've made the decision to replace your old, outdated roof with a new shingle roof. There are many roof replacement improvements to consider to protect your new roof for your home. Now what do you need to do? Keep reading for tips to get you started in installing shingles.

Take Care of the Underlayment

Before you can replace the old shingles, the underlayment has to be taken care of. This starts with the removal of the old shingles. Below the old shingles, there is a layer of moisture barrier and plywood sheathing or decking. This bottom layer needs to be inspected for rot and damage that needs to be repaired. Once any repairs have been completed, the moisture barrier can be reinstalled to get ready for the installation of new shingles. 

Install the New Shingles

After repairing the underlayments, the new shingles can be installed. There are improvements that can be made to your roof when the new shingles are installed. You can talk to your roofing contractor about installing reinforcements like ice barriers. These reinforced areas prevent damage due to ice dams and debris. This will help protect your roof from where vulnerable places to ensure it lasts for years. 

Ventilation of the Roof

If there was rot and other damage beneath the old roof, it might have been caused by poor ventilation. Therefore, you might want to improve the ventilation of your roof before the new roofing is installed. Adding new vents to the roof and the soffits can help improve the ventilation to allow moisture and hot air to escape. This will stop issues with dry rot that can damage the roof decking and rafters. Better ventilation will help ensure your new roof lasts for years to come. 

Clean Up and Protect Against Weather Damage

The new shingles also need to be protected from wear and weathering. This can be done by maintaining the roof and keeping the surface clean. There are some improvements that can help with this to ensure your roof stays clean and free of debris. First, you might want to add better flashing and good gutters to help keep the roof clean. You can also ask about using shingles that have an antifungal component that helps prevent moss growth that causes wear. 

Installing a new roof can be done with the help of trusted professionals. Contact a residential roof replacement contractor to discuss the options for replacing your shingles.  

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