Have A Sagging Roof? Find Out What Causes This Problem And Why It's Important To Fix

A sagging roof is not an issue you want to take lightly. If you've spotted your home's roof sagging inward, you will need residential roof repair services completed by licensed and experienced roofers. It's essential to make that call as soon as you notice the issue because the roof could collapse if ignored, resulting in extensive damage to your property.

What Is the Cause of a Roof That Sags?

Waking up to your roof sagging may have you questioning the cause of such a serious problem. Unfortunately, a roof can sag for several reasons, including a buildup of excess water that has caused extensive damage and unstable beams on the verge of collapse. The only way for you to know the exact cause of your sagging roof is to immediately contact the roofers, who will conduct a meticulous examination before they complete any of the much-needed repairs.

What Is the Best Fix for a Sagging Roof?

After the roofers have determined why your roof is suddenly sagging inward, they can complete the repairs. The particular steps required of the roofing specialists depend on what caused the sagging to occur in the first place and the current condition of the roof.

Repairing the Beams

Because a roof often sags due to the poor condition of the beams, it's often necessary to repair them by cutting out some of the rotted or broken slats and putting in new beams with solid, reliable timber to take their place. If most of the beams are broken, the roofers would need to remove them one by one and build a new support for the roof to prevent sagging from happening again.

Installing Fixtures to Offer Additional Support

Some homeowners have additional fixtures and materials installed with their beams to provide more support to the roof, preventing it from sagging in and collapsing. If you're interested in this, the roofers may begin installing materials like sloped beams and trusses to keep the roof supported and ensure there is not too much weight on either side of the roof.

Putting Down a New Roof

In extreme cases, when the roof is severely damaged and is about to collapse, the roofers may need to remove all the old roofing materials and install a new roof. The new roof may consist of shingles, metal, slate, or any other material you've selected.

When your roof begins to sag, you will need urgent assistance. To prevent the roof from collapsing, hire a team of roofers to find out why your roof is sagging and then fix it for you.

For more information about residential roof repair, contact a local company.

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