Why You Need To Address Moss Growing On Your Roof As Soon As Possible

If you notice moss growing on your roof, you shouldn't ignore this. The more moss that grows on your roof, the more damaged your roof will become, and you might need to repair or replace your shingles at some point.

The Impact That Moss Has On Your Roof

Moss usually grows in the cracks in between your shingles. When it rains, the moss holds moisture. As a result, your moss can become very heavy and strain your roof, eventually causing it to collapse. Like most plants, moss also tries to establish itself by extending its roots.

As the moss grows, it can lift your shingles and make your roof more vulnerable. Eventually, the moss can cause holes to develop in your roof, and it can start to leak. Moss creates a safe place for pests to hide and might also enter your home through holes in the roof.

Moss and Your Curb Appeal

Another issue is moss's impact on your home's curb appeal. A prospective home buyer might be less willing to purchase your home.

Hire a Professional to Remove the Moss

You can save money by climbing up on the roof yourself. But this can backfire. Climbing on your roof is very dangerous. It would help to have more equipment to clean your roof correctly. If your roof has slate or tiles, you'll need to use safe cleaning chemicals for these roofs. Otherwise, you might damage your roof, which is more expensive than if a professional had removed the moss.

Have Your Roof Inspected for Damage

You will also want to have your roof inspected to ensure there isn't any damage. Because the weight of the moss can cause your roof to sag, this problem should be addressed. A sagging roof will not cause your roof to collapse immediately, but the situation can worsen with time.

A roofing contractor will find out exactly where your roof is sagging, assess the extent of the damage, determine the materials you'll need to perform the repairs and complete the necessary repairs. 

For example, if the structural beams have been damaged, the cost of repairing your roof will increase substantially. Otherwise, the repair costs can be surprisingly affordable.

Have Damaged Shingles Replaced

Besides fixing sags, the roofer will look for missing shingles, tiles, or metal panels and replace them. The moss might have also damaged your flashing; they will repair that. These repairs, combined with treating the underlying causes of the moss growth, will allow you to restore your home. 

For more info about roof repair, contact a local company. 

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