Asphalt Shingle Patching Processes And Replacement Steps

Nails are used to keep interlocked shingles secure on a rooftop. Wind or fallen limbs may occasionally damage shingles. An assessment of your rooftop will be indicative of whether a patching agent or new shingles will be needed.

The Original Installation

The installation of roofing shingles typically involves using an overlapping design to provide a rooftop with adequate coverage. Galvanized or non-galvanized roofing nails are installed in pairs. If a shingle is torn completely from a rooftop, the original pair of nails that held it in place may be loosened when the shingle is torn off. The original installation of a series of shingles will affect the ability of the nails to remain in place.

The omission of tar paper or another substrate material can have a bearing on how long roofing shingles will last. Asphalt shingles are typically sturdy enough to maintain their appearance and physical properties for years. If repurposed shingles or inferior roofing materials were used during a roofing project, however, there may be signs of missing shingles or cracked and torn shingles.

The Repair Process

Shingles that only contain a slight crack in them can potentially be salvaged. A roofer will need to assess all of the shingles that form each row on a rooftop. An adhesive and a sealant are often used to patch roofing products that are compromised. An adhesive can be used to secure a shingle back into its original position. A sealant is typically spread across the crack in a shingle.

Using this type of patching method will lengthen the life of roofing materials, minimizing the cost of restoring a rooftop. Some roofers may apply sealant to both the underside and topside of a shingle. If a crack has formed that could contribute to water leaking through a shingle, a double layer of sealant should be applied to the compromised shingle. Shingles that are misshapen or that have become thin and brittle should be swapped out with a new roofing product.

If the roofer who you hire to repair the roofing materials has noted that the shingles are no longer strong enough to prevent moisture from penetrating them, they may offer recycled and new roofing materials that you can purchase through them. In order to provide your rooftop with a uniform appearance, a roofer will use replacement shingles that are the same quality as the original shingles.

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