Why Roofing Underlayment Is Crucial

Underlayment is a protective barrier positioned on your roof deck's surface and underneath the shingles. Hence, after the roof installation process, the underlay will be hidden. Note that although some roofs don't include an underlayment, this component is beneficial. Here are reasons why residential roofing underlayment is crucial. 

Shields Against Weather Elements

Your shingles can protect your home from harsh weather elements like snow and rain. However, if they are not sturdy enough, you may start experiencing issues. Fortunately, installing underlayment offers an extra layer of protection as it cushions your roofing structure and house's interior effectively. More importantly, the strong barrier can prevent water seepage into your living space. For example, underlay materials like asphalt-saturated felt can resist water and offer maximum protection.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Over time, roof shingles tend to break or crack due to heat and cold. Moreover, if you use your heating and cooling unit for comfort, your roof can leak air and contribute to high power bills. Thankfully, an underlay provides additional insulation to your roof. That way, hot air won't enter your home during summer, and you can keep warm air in during the winter. As a result, your home will remain comfortable, and you might not have to use your HVAC all the time.

Enhances Aesthetics

If you perform a DIY roof installation, the results might not appear even, and your home can appear unsightly. The good news is that an underlayment can create a uniform surface to place your shingles. As a result, your roof can look even and aesthetically pleasing. Note that roof aesthetics can be vital when you intend to sell your home. Hence, if the structure looks excellent, you can get buyers quickly. However, if there's unevenness, potential buyers might mistake it for underlying roof issues and shy away from purchasing your property.

Protects Against Fire

The underlayment can contribute to your roof's fire resistance. For instance, your asphalt shingles could benefit from a rubberized layer since it can withstand fire. In this case, it will create a seal that protects your roof from fire damage. In addition, fiberglass underlay can be perfect for use under your shingles. You will be pleased to know that a professional can choose the proper underlayment based on your residential roofing material. This way, you can have improved peace of mind thanks to the fire safety protection features.

Roofing underlayment can be beneficial in many ways. Depending on the material, a roofer can suggest a suitable underlay for your roof. After that, they can install it correctly for proper functioning.

Reach out to a residential roofing contractor to learn more.

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