Six Things You Shouldn't Assume When It Comes To Flat Roofing

The roof design you choose for your home is an important consideration. Flat roofing is an ideal option for many homeowners. 

Do your research to make an informed decision about whether you should choose flat roofing for your home. The following are six things you shouldn't assume when it comes to flat roofing. 

It's expensive to have a flat roof installed.

The costs of flat roofs are not necessarily more expensive than the costs of sloped roofs. In fact, flat roofs can often be less expensive than sloped roofs while also offering lower maintenance costs over the long term. 

You're more likely to experience roof leaks with flat roofs.

Some homeowners think that flat roofs are more likely to develop leaks because water accumulates on their surface more easily than it accumulates on the surface of sloped roofs.

However, the material used in the construction of a roof is a more important consideration when it comes to leak prevention than whether a roof is flat or pitched. 

Flat roofs don't last as long as roofs with steeper pitches.

Homeowners sometimes believe that flat roofs don't last as long as steep roofs because they are prone to more wear and tear. However, the truth is that a well-made flat roof can last just as long as a roof with a steep pitch.

Flat roofs are always a bad idea for homes in areas that get a lot of snow.

Homeowners often think that flat roofs aren't good in snowy areas because they are susceptible to collapse due to the weight of snow. While it's true that snow loads can put stress on a flat roof, there are plenty of options to prevent structural problems with a flat roof in a snowy area.

A well-designed flat roof can be designed to support the weight of snowfall. It's also often an easy matter to remove freshly fallen snow from a flat rooftop to ensure that such a roof won't experience damage due to heavy loads from snowfall.

It's not possible to insulate flat roofs.

Although flat roofs may require a little more creative designing when it comes to incorporating insulation than sloped roofs, it's completely possible to insulate a flat roof. Flat roofs can therefore be both practical and efficient on many homes. 

Flat roofs don't look as good as sloped roofs.

Depending on the design of a home, a flat roof can be ideal from an aesthetic standpoint. It's important that homeowners don't assume that flat roofs look bad. In fact, flat roofs can give a home a unique aesthetic appeal when they complement the rest of a home's design. 

For more information on flat roofing, contact a professional near you.

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