Benefits of Installing Gutter Guards

Many people don't understand how important it is to have gutter guards. As much as they'll cost you, they'll offer long-term benefits. So, don't forget to add gutter guards to your shopping list. Your roofer will fix them during gutter installation. Here are the unrivaled benefits of a gutter guard installation.

Prevent Gutter Damage

Many homeowners have had to replace their gutters a couple of times due to severe damage. Gutters will cave in after they get clogged with ice, debris, or leaves. The excessive weight from the debris might be too much for the gutters to handle. Even if the gutters fail to give in, the excessive weight will leave them in bad shape. As such, you may have to repair or replace them often. 

Luckily, installing gutter guards should make your gutters strong. They'll rarely collapse or sustain damage because the guards will trap all the leaves that could have clogged your gutters.

No More Pests

Once you install screen guards, you'll never have to deal with pests and insects building nests in your gutters. Remember that rodents and birds like to hang around the gutters due to food availability. The leaves and debris trapped in the gutters attract so many pests. 

Additionally, clogged gutters will always be damp, attracting mosquitoes. Amazingly, gutter guards should help keep pests and insects away from your gutter system. Vermin and insects will have no space to breed if the gutters are dry and debris-free.

Clean Rainwater

Many homes depend on gutters to harvest rainwater. Unfortunately, the water that gets into the tank isn't always clean due to debris and leaves. You can, however, change your situation by installing a gutter guard. The guard should filter out all the debris and contaminants before they enter the gutters and the tank. What's more? Your rainwater tanks will fill up quickly because the gutters will have no clogs that might reduce the flow of water.

No More Cleaning Your Gutters

As a responsible homeowner, you'll have to clean your gutters a few times annually. Surprisingly, many folks prefer to clean the gutters by themselves despite the risks. But guess what? You'll never have to burden yourself with gutter cleaning after you install gutter guards. Your gutters will remain clean and free of pests, eliminating the need for cleaning. At least you'll never have to put your body on the line trying to clean the gutters.

If the above advantages are anything to go by, remind your roofer to install gutter guards while they are working on your gutter installation.

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