Are Solar Panels A Viable Option For Your Home?

Are you thinking of installing solar panels in your home? Solar panel installation is an excellent way to cushion your home against grid power outages and high power bills.

Solar panels supply the backup power needed to keep things running smoothly when power outages occur at home. The best part is that they allow you to power your house with clean, safe, and free energy.

But is solar panel installation right for your needs? Consider the following factors before embarking on the project. 

Your Power Needs 

Your home has a specific power demand, depending on its design, size, the number of appliances you have, and the size of the HVAC system you use to keep the home comfortable.

When installing solar panels, consider the amount of power needed to keep things up and running when there is a grid power failure. Your solar panels should match your domestic power consumption to work effectively.

Your Home's Location

The location of your home also matters when weighing up your solar panel options. The more sunlight you receive in your area, the more effective solar panels will be at matching your domestic power needs. 

If you receive little sunshine in your home's location, solar panels might not be a viable option for you, especially if you have a high power demand.

Your Roof Structure and Orientation

If you intend to install your solar panels on top of the roof, your roof structure will come into play. Solar panels increase the load and stress on a roof, so you should confirm how much weight your roof can safely support before adding solar panels.

When installing rooftop solar panels, you should place them in the direction of the home that receives maximum daylight and minimum shade. The more sunshine the panels receive, the more power they will generate for your household use.

Local Solar Tax Incentives

Installing solar panels can be pretty expensive, but the good news is that many local governments offer tax incentives to reduce these costs.

Before installing solar panels, check with your local council to ascertain if they provide solar tax incentives to local homeowners going solar. That way, you can save money on the cost of your solar panel installation. 

Solar panel installation requires careful forethought and proper planning to get it right.

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