Getting A Damaged Roof Inspected & Repaired

Are you curious about the dips that have developed in the ceiling in your home because the problem is getting worse? When a ceiling develops dipped areas, it is usually because there is a water leak from the roof being in a bad condition. The sagging areas of the ceiling are likely filled with water that will eventually make it through the drywall and into your home. Due to the severity of the problem, you should contact a roofing company without any hesitation before you end up with a disaster in your house. A roofer can verify that the roof is causing your ceiling to sag and proceed with making the necessary repairs.

Why Might a Ceiling Begin to Sag? 

Pests such as termites can cause damage and cause a ceiling to sag. A poorly constructed roof or ceiling can lead to sagging as well. However, in most cases, the sagging develops from a leak that is the result of the roof being damaged. Keep in mind that a water leak can also be the result of a leaking pipe, especially in multistory homes. Due to damaged roofs being a major cause of sagging ceilings, it is wise to contact a roofer rather than assuming the roof is not the culprit.

Why is a Professional Roof Inspection Important?

Upon contacting a roofing company, a prompt appointment should be scheduled so a contractor can thoroughly inspect the roof. The reason it is important for the inspection to be professionally done is that you might not know where to look for damage on your own. For example, a roofer will not only walk on the roof to determine the condition it is in, but also look at your ceilings. A damaged roof can affect various areas of a house when the damage is severe. A professional inspection is also important because it will help to determine if you need a new roof, or if small repairs are sufficient.

Which Repairs Are Needed When a Roof Leaks?

If your roof is found to have a leak that has caused the ceiling to sag, a roofer might need to repair a hole in the roof deck. It is possible that your roof has missing shingles that caused the deck to deteriorate from too much exposure to rainwater. Hail, high humidity, and algae are a few of the other elements that can cause a roof deck to deteriorate and develop a leak. If your roof is missing shingles, a repair will involve replacing them. A roofer will explain any repairs that are needed.

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