The Common Roof Problems Your Roofer Will Repair For You

Roof problems are inevitable. After installing your roof system, it is more likely that you'll not notice any problems soon. But, you may notice minor problems after several months or years of use calling for repairs. These small problems become disastrous without proper and routine care. Early discovery of roof problems is one of the most important tools at your disposal to maximize its life. Here are some common problems you can detect during a roofing inspection.

Leaking Roof

If you notice any moisture, this is a red flag that you've got a problem. A damaged or poorly installed flashing is one of the primary causes of such leaks. However, there are other causes for roof leaks, including missing shingles, faulty gutters, punctures, and broken skylights. You should not ignore the small leaks because they will get worse with time. If you want to prolong your roof's life, hire a roofing expert to conduct an inspection, check for leaks, and repair them in good time.

The Roof Deck is Saggy

Your roof deck plays an integral role in your home's structural integrity. For this reason, any indicator of damage should be treated as an emergency. For instance, the deck might sag over time due to trapped moisture during installation. This can happen when you opt for DIY installations. A saggy deck can be seen from the attic so call a roofing contractor for repairs as soon as it happens. 

Other Structural Damages

You could find yourself in a situation where a tree has crashed on your roof. It is hard to quantify the extent of the roof system problem with your natural eyes because the structural damage can extend beyond the surface. If this problem is not fixed properly, it can result in serious roofing problems in the future. You should hire a roofing professional to first assess the roof and then repair the issue to prevent costly damage.

Missing Shingles

The roof shingles can be damaged by hanging branches or could be blown off by strong winds. If you inspect the roof and notice a few missing shingles, you should not ignore or wait until it's too late. Even a single missing shingle on your residential roof warrants action. Therefore, you should call a roofing expert to replace the lost shingles to prevent further problems down the line.

These are common roof problems you can detect during a roof inspection. Unfortunately, when it comes to DIY roof repair and maintenance, the odds are against you. For more help, hire a professional to handle the residential roofing repair solutions to avoid premature replacement.

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