Ground Erosion And Your Roofing—How The Two Connect

If you live in an area with heavy rains throughout the year, you know how ground erosion can occur. The problem is that you may be having issues with ground erosion and not know how to fix it. If the erosion is near your home foundation and surrounding areas, such as the sidewalk, it may be caused by issues with your roof. Here are some of the ground erosion issues your roof may be adding to and how to fix them.

Rainwater Runoff

One of the most common issues causing your ground erosion is likely rainwater runoff. This can happen when you do not have proper guttering or when you have no guttering at all. If you have damaged guttering or no guttering, you should consider having new guttering installed. Guttering will take the rainwater runoff and guide it to a suitable downspout or even water collection tank. This will greatly reduce the chances of ground erosion and help to reduce costly repairs from that erosion. 

Large Eroded Areas

You may notice you have larger eroded areas around your home. You may think that because you have guttering, the larger erosion areas are caused by another issue. The truth is, these larger areas can be an identifier for large portions of your roof and guttering that need repair. If there are blockages or issues on the roof from fallen debris, it can cause water to divert. This diversion of rainwater can cause larger amounts to flow down and cause ground-level erosion in larger areas. If you have gutters, there may be a bend or blockage causing the overflow of water in larger spaces and amounts which causes erosion. Your residential roofing contractor will need to inspect the room in order to find if the roof, guttering, or both is causing this erosion issue. 

Vent Placement

The placement of your ventilation system may be causing some of the erosion issues you are seeing. The rainwater may be becoming stuck on the vent due to already fallen debris. If this is the case, not only is the rainwater diverting due to the ventilation, it is also diverting due to debris. This can cause uneven rainwater flow from your roof to the guttering and to the ground below. 

Your roofing contractor can help you with the various roofing issues that may be causing your ground erosion. Keep in mind there are many ways to fix these problems. Make sure to ask your roofing contractor for their thoughts on the subject and what would be your best course of action. They will give you their thoughts, the options, and move forward with any installation or changes when you have made your choices.

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