When To Have Your Roof Replacement Done And What Parts To Replace

If you live in your house long enough, you'll probably have to deal with a roof replacement eventually. Asphalt shingle roofing can last for many years, but at some point, roofs will show their age and need to be replaced. Here's a look at when it's time to consider having a roof replacement done and some things to know.

How To Know When It's Time For New Shingles

An occasional roof leak doesn't necessarily signal your roof has to be replaced, since localized damage can often be repaired. However, when many of the shingles spread over your roof are curled or have missing granules, that could be a sign your roofing is so old that the best solution is to replace all of the shingles.

Widespread storm damage, especially hail damage, can also lead to the need for a roof replacement. A roofing contractor can help you decide if the damage to your roof can be repaired or if it's time for a roof replacement. If your roof is several years old and close to the end of its life, replacing the roof is often a better choice over sinking money into repairs.

When To Have Your Roof Replaced

If your roof is damaged by a storm, you might need an emergency roof replacement. If you need to replace your roof due to old age, you might have a chance to plan for the most convenient time to have the work done. You can usually have a new roof put on any season of the year as long as the weather is agreeable. It's a good idea to have a roof replacement done before your roof starts leaking.

Another thing to consider about the timing of your roof replacement is your insurance coverage. There might be a time limit on filing a claim for hail damage. If you don't file the claim and have a new roof put on your home within the allotted time frame, your insurance might not pay for your new roof.

What All Needs To Be Replaced

While you might mostly think about new asphalt shingles when you have a roof replacement, you'll want your roofer to check your entire roofing system over so all the worn and bad parts are replaced at once. This gives you all new parts that can start aging at the same time, and this also reduces the risk of damage to your new roof caused by old parts that might be leaky or damaged.

Parts that make up your roof system include the gutters, fascia and soffit boards, vents, flashing, underlayment, decking, and the frame of the roof. Your roof may not need all of these parts replaced at the same time unless your roof is old, neglected, and has a lot of damage. At the very least, the roofer may replace the underlayment and shingles. If parts of the roof have rotted due to a rain leak, then the roofer might need to replace part of the deck and roof frame too.

Reach out to a local roof replacement service to learn more.

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