Roof Repair: What Is Causing Your Roof To Leak?

Recurring roof leaks are not only frustrating and expensive but can also cause structural damage. A roof repair professional can help you find out what is causing your roof to leak. Book regular roof inspection with a trusted roof repair service to ensure you don't get bogged down by roofing issues. 

Proper roof maintenance keeps your roof in ship-shape so you can enjoy peace of mind each time you're home. Here are the four most common causes of roof leaks.

Missing Shingles 

Every shingle on your roof helps direct rainwater to the gutters. It takes just one missing shingle for you to experience roof leaks. 

Sometimes, the problem begins when the shingles aren't properly installed. Loose shingles can easily be plucked off the roof by a strong wind, leaving your home vulnerable to water damage. 

Other times, shingles break after years of exposure to the elements. Scheduling roof inspection with a roof repair service allows professional roofers to discover missing shingles before your roof experiences serious water damage. Professional roofers ensure each shingle is installed properly so they don't get blown away by strong winds. 

Cracked Flashing

Professional roofers install pieces of metal on your roof joints and under shingles to act as flashing. These metal pieces ensure your entire roofing system is waterproof. Cracked flashing makes your roofing system susceptible to leaks. 

During professional roof inspections, your roofer will check roof junctions and under shingles to see if the flashing is still in ship-shape. If not, they'll replace the damaged flashing to keep the integrity of your home intact.

Roof Debris

When was the last time you cleared debris off your roof? Leaves and small tree brunches land on your roof after big storms and when there's a strong wind. Debris buildup is not good for your roof's health. Even if the organic debris doesn't damage your shingles, it will prevent rainwater from running off the roof. 

Pools of water will then accumulate on the roof and back up under the shingles, causing your roof to leak. Scheduling roof inspection with a trusted roof repair service allows professionals to clear off the amassed debris. 


Holes in your shingles are sneaky because they can go undetected for years. Throughout this time, rainwater will seep in in small quantities, gradually causing water damage in your house. Holes also cause your shingles to rot, and this can seriously damage your roofing system.  

That's why it's important to schedule regular inspections with a professional roof repair service. No matter how tiny the holes are, experienced roofers will spot them. Your roofer will remove all misplaced repair nails on your shingles and seal off the holes. 

Now you know what is causing your roof to leak. Schedule regular inspections with a professional roof repair service and let experienced roofers take care of your roof. A roof that is in ship-shape gives you peace of mind and protects your home from structural damage. 

If you have questions, contact a local roof repair service to get more information.

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