Shake Installation Solutions For Natural And Long-Lasting Roofing

When it's time to install roofing on your home, you may be considering options like shakes. The shakes that you have installed can be natural materials, which will require some special considerations for their installation. You will also want to know how to care for natural shakes. The following shake roofing installation solutions will ensure your new roof lasts and looks great:

Decking for Wood Shakes

Decking is important for any type of roofing material, and especially for wood shakes. This is the layer of plywood or decking boards that braces the roof structure and provides a solid surface to install materials. A few things can be done for the decking of wood shake roofs, including:

  • Using rigid decking materials with foil backing for efficiency
  • Screwing decking down to prevent problems with nails or staples
  • Adjusting decking to address imperfections in the roof structure

The decking provides a smooth and solid surface for your new shakes. If you want to add to the decking, the shakes can be installed on slats that are fastened to the decking. This allows for an air gap beneath the shakes to prevent moisture problems and improve the efficiency of your roof.

Wood Shake Moisture Barrier

The shakes are going to need to have a moisture barrier installed with them. This protects the wood decking and shakes from moisture damage. Options for the moisture barrier systems that can be installed with shakes include:

  • Using conventional asphalt felt paper
  • Using a modern synthetic moisture barrier material
  • Using a double layer of moisture barrier for the decking and shakes

The moisture barriers prevent problems with rot and help to improve the thermal barrier of your roof. If you choose to use decking and slats, both the decking and shakes can have their own moisture barrier.

Installation of Wood Shakes

Installation of the shake roofing materials is also important and needs to be done properly. Proper installation of wood shakes can prevent a lot of issues that cause damage. Remember to do the following if you have shakes installed:

  • Start with a start row of shakes installed vertically
  • Verify the wood shakes have a gap for expansion
  • Cull out any shakes with cracks and natural defects
  • Make sure the shakes are properly nailed

The installation of shakes needs to be done by a professional roofing service to ensure these practices are followed. A professional installation will ensure your roof lasts with few problems.

Caring for New Wood Shakes

Wood shakes also need some care after they have been installed. This upkeep can start after the shakes have had time to cure. Some of the care that your new shake roofing is going to need includes:

  • Sealing shakes after they have had time to cure
  • Keeping the new shake roofing clean and free of debris
  • Doing an annual inspection to catch minor problems that need repairs

The upkeep of your shake roofing will help you identify and deal with problems before they cause severe damage. This is important to ensure the new roofing materials last and only need occasional repairs.

The wood shakes you have installed can last longer than an asphalt shingle roof with a good installation and regular care. Contact a roofing contractor for help with the installation of new wood shakes for your home.

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