Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Metal Roofing

Whether you're installing a new roof or doing a total makeover for your existing roof, one of the challenging tasks is choosing the right roofing material. Apart from pricing considerations, you want to ensure the roofing material you choose is durable and strong enough to protect your home from criminals and elements. One of the attractive options you have is metal roofing. Read on to learn the benefits of metal roofs:

1. They Are Durable

Durability is the main reason why property owners invest in metal roofs. If a proper installation is done, a metal roof should serve your house's total lifespan without bending due to strong winds, heavy rains, or snow. And what adds to this durability is that metal is resistant to mildew and insects. 

One of the concerns about metal roofs is rust, but with the invention of galvanized coatings, that's not a major issue anymore. Besides, there are paint systems that come with lifetime warranties, and even if the paint sheds at some point, you can repaint as many times as you want. 

2. They Save Energy

Thanks to metal's reflective properties, your heating and cooling costs won't blow over the roof anymore. Instead of absorbing the sun's light rays, metal roofs reflect them, so there's no excessive heating in your home.

Some metal roofs come with a highly reflective coating that uses cool pigments to enhance solar reflectance and minimize heat gain. You don't have to over-rely on your air conditioner. 

3. They Are Environmentally Friendly

If you're conscious about environmental conservation, you cannot go wrong with metal roofing. First, metal consists of 25-95% recyclable material. If your metal roof serves you for an extended period, and you feel that you need to replace it, it's 100% recyclable. This means that it's very rare to find metal roofs occupying spaces in landfills as waste. 

You can also install a solar energy panel on your metal roof to reduce overreliance on electricity. Since the metal roof will outlast the solar energy system, you don't have to worry that you'll tamper with the solar system when changing roofs. And the other good thing is that solar panel installations don't have to penetrate your roof system, meaning you can upgrade your solar system with ease. 

4. They Are Fire Resistant

Metal roof materials are noncombustible, with a Class A fire rating. If your house catches fire, the roof won't burn. But, this also depends on the type of metal roof that you purchase. Some are applied with combustible materials beneath their surfaces like wood shingles, making them susceptible to fire. 

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