Identifying And Repairing Hail Damage To Your Wooden Roof Shingles

Even a short lived hail storm has the ability to reek havoc on your home's wooden roof shingles. This is especially true of hail storms that involve a significant wind speed in combination with the raw damaging power of hail. The good news is if hail damage is properly identified, many homeowners insurance policies will cover the cost of any necessary roofing repairs or replacement. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know what to look for when trying to determine whether or not their roof suffered damage as the result of hail. If your home has wooden roof shingles, the presence of any of the issues described below could indicate hail damage. If you notice any of these issues you should contact a reputable roofing company in your area as soon as possible to have the extent of the damage professionally assessed and have any necessary repairs completed. 

Orange or Brown Splits In The Shingle

When hail hits a wooden roof shingle it can cause the shingle to split. While there are several different ways in which a shingle can sustain this type of damage, the split that is left behind by hail damage in particular will typically be orange or brown in color.

Sharp Edges Around Splits In Shingles

The blunt force with which hail hits your roof will often result in sharp corners or edges surrounding the split in your shingles. These sharp edges can be extremely dangerous to walk on, so be sure to only inspect this type of damage from a safe location: either on the ground or on an undamaged section of your roof. If you must get closer to take a good look at the damage, this is a task which is better left to the professionals. 

Dents Along The Splits In Shingles

Another tell tale sign that your roofing damage is the result of hail and not another source is the presence of dents in or along the splits in the shingle. These dents are the result of the impact with which hail hits during a significant storm. 

The Damage Is Random

If your wooden roof shingles are damaged by other types of severe weather or are simply in need of repair due to their age, the damage that you see will tend to be rather uniform over the entire roof. When encountering hail damage, you will notice that the damage is extremely random and has no real pattern to it at all. If you have ever seen the random hail damage left behind on the hood of a car after it has been pummeled by these falling balls of ice, you are already familiar with the type of random damage pattern you should expect to see on your roof if it was damaged in a recent hail storm.

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