Should You Use Spray Foam Roofing Material On Your Commercial Roof?

Putting spray foam on your roof is actually more practical than it seems. Spray foam roofing system can be a great way to protect your commercial property due to many of the benefits that it provides over other roofing material. Here are a few reasons to go switch spray foam for commercial roofing.

Spray Foam Uses Bitumen

While you may assume that spray foam roofing is just foam, it is actually a bit more than that. Once that layer of foam is applied to the roof's surface, it is then covered with a layer of bitumen, which is essentially a layer of asphalt. That bitumen goes into all of the pores found in the layer of spray foam, which helps it form a hard shell on top of it all. 

Spray Foam Resists Water

Spray foam doesn't act like the typical foam that you think of either, since it does a great job at resisting water. Water is going to roll right off the surface, which makes it perfect as a roofing material. You won't have to worry about water intrusion either, because the foam forms a solid barrier. It is not like other roofing materials that have layers where water can find a way underneath. 

Spray Foam Insulates Well

What many people do not realize about spray foam roofing is that it is a great insulator. When you combine the bitumen and the foam, it is going to prevent heat transfer from going through the material. This provides for much better insulation than competing roofing materials like asphalt shingles, which are known for issues with heat transfer over time as the material breaks down. 

Spray Foam Is Affordable

One of the benefits of using spray foam is that it can be an affordable roofing material. The foam material itself is very cheap when compared to other materials. What you end up paying more for is the installation by a professional roofing contractor, but when you are having a large commercial roof replaced, spray foam can be a cost-effective solution to having a new roof installed. In addition, you'll find that you can save a lot by getting a spray foam roof due to not having to replace it for a long time. While you can always go with a cheaper roofing material, you must ask yourself how soon you'll need to replace it to justify those cost savings. 

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