Winter Could Be A Good Time To Have Your New Vinyl Siding Installed

New vinyl siding could give your home an entirely new and fresh look. If you're anxious to get your new siding on, you may not want to wait until next spring or summer. It might be possible to have your vinyl siding installed during the winter if your contractor is agreeable. Here are some considerations when installing vinyl siding in the winter. 

Weather Delays Are Possible

There is a point when it could get too cold to install vinyl siding. When the temperatures drop too low, vinyl is susceptible to cracking and installation becomes more difficult. Your contractor will probably schedule the work when the weather isn't bitterly cold, so you might not be able to choose the exact installation date.

Plus, the contractor will work around snowy days too, so delays are more likely when having vinyl siding installed in the winter.

Installing Vinyl Siding When It's Cold Takes Skill

Vinyl expands when it's warm and contracts when it's cold. When the siding is installed in the winter and it's cold outside, the vinyl is contracted. The contractor has to take this into account so the siding has room to expand in the summer when temperatures warm up.

An experienced siding contractor knows how to properly install vinyl siding in the winter so summer expansion isn't a problem. That's one reason DIY installation in the winter might not be a good idea if you don't have experience and skills installing vinyl siding.

The Work Will Probably Be Done In Sections

Your siding contractor may only work on one side of your house at a time. This reduces the risk of your home getting too cool inside with the siding off. Plus, since weather conditions can be unpredictable in the winter, this reduces the risk of snow or frigid temperatures hitting with siding off your entire house.

Expect it to take much longer to have your siding put on in the winter. This is partly because of the weather conditions, and partly because of the shorter workdays due to it getting dark early in the winter. However, you don't have to worry about your home being unprotected and exposed to cold weather since the contractor keeps this in mind and keeps as much of your home covered as possible at all times.

Your Home Will Be Ready For Spring

When you have your new siding installed during the winter, your home will be ready for spring and spring rains. Plus, with the work behind you, you don't have to worry about a work crew being in your way and disrupting your property as you get your lawn ready for spring growth and spring clean your house.

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