How To Prepare For A Roof Replacement In Your Home

A new roof replacement for your home can be an exciting time for everyone in your household. The flurry of activity once the work starts can be fun to watch, but it also creates a busy construction zone with some inherent hazards. As a result, there are several things you'll need to do in preparation before the roofing contractors arrive. These 3 steps will help ensure that the project is a stress-free process.

1) Make sure that the area is clear in order to give quick access to the roofers

The roofing contractors must have their trucks and tools within easy reach as the work progresses. To make this possible, be sure to move all of your vehicles away from the site while the contractors are working. This will give the roofers a clear spot to park and set up their materials. Additionally, you'll need to remove any satellite dishes or low-hanging branches around the roof that could hinder the construction. It's also a good idea to stow away outside items, such as lawn furniture and grills, in a safe location for the duration of the project. Roofers will probably not help with moving any obstructions, so it's important to get these things out of the way prior to the first day of work.

2) Take precautions with delicate items on walls or in the attic

Protecting the interior of your house is just as essential as preparing the exterior. Roofers use a variety of tools and equipment that could shake the walls just below your roof. The movement of the hammers could cause any fragile items that are not secured on the walls to tumble to the floor. Taking the time to remove picture frames, decorations, or light fixtures in the rooms on the highest level of your home before the construction begins can help prevent damage to your valuables. Don't forget to check your attic as well. Cover items with drop cloths, as the work will likely shake loose some debris into the attic.

3) Ensure that everyone is prepared for the disruption

Although roofing contractors work hard to minimize the disruption that a roof replacement can create, there are still times when the job can be noisy or overwhelming to some members of your household. Make sure that your children and pets keep their distance from the work areas. Explain to your kids how to avoid accidents or mishaps around heavy machinery and construction equipment. Sections of your house where the work is being performed should be marked as off-limits. If necessary, you may consider staying with friends or family while the roof replacement is in progress. You should also let your neighbors know well in advance that construction will be happening and how long you expect it to last.

These tips will help facilitate a smooth roof replacement and keep your family and belongings safe until the project is finished.

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