Repaired Your Roof And It Leaks Again Three Months Later? What Might Be Causing The Problem?

Generally, when you hire a roofing contractor for residential roofing repair, you expect that the roof is good to go for a long time to come. That is not always the case. Different bizarre events can lead to a newly repaired roof leaking again in just a few months to less than a year. This is typically not the fault of the contractor you hired. There are other reasons and causes for a newly repaired roof to leak. Here are some of the possible causes and what you should do about your leaks. 

Windstorms Lifted Some of Your Shingles

No matter how good a job your roofer did with repairing your roof, nothing can really stop a powerful windstorm from lifting shingles. A strong enough wind that beats on your roof for several hours can lift up lots of shingles. If those shingles are not put back down and secured into place after the storm, they remain flipped up and back, exposing your roof. It is not long after that before your roof begins leaking again. Ask your roofer from before to come look at the roof and find the source of the leaks, especially if your area has seen some high winds in recent months. The contractor will find the lifted shingles and secure them back down with a little tar or roofing cement. 

Hail Damage Did a Number

Hail is the age-old foe of roofs everywhere, regardless of a roof's age and current condition. If you get enough hailstorms in succession, you can create holes in the new shingles on your roof. Then water will begin seeping through again. Ask your roofer to check for hail damage. If he or she determines that hail damage is the cause of your recent leaks, you can file a claim with your homeowners insurance to fix this particular problem. Otherwise, your roofer may cover the damage and repair costs if he or she has a warranty on the work previously and recently completed on your roof. 

Wildlife Pests Did Their Worst

Sometimes a naughty squirrel or sassy mouse will create a new opening in the roof. If these pests were used to squeezing through openings in the old roof before it was repaired, they may try to create a new way in through the repaired sections or through older sections of the roof (if applicable). This kind of damage will definitely be obvious to your roofer, and he or she should have no problem repairing it for you.  

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