Commercial Metal Roofing Coating Vs Full Replacement: Pros And Cons

The metal roof on your commercial building has been in place for a while. It is still holding up pretty well, but it does have some signs of damage. Should the roof be replaced, or can you get by with commercial metal roofing coating instead? Take a look at some of the pros and cons of having the roof coated instead of having it replaced. 

Pro: Having the roof coated is definitely going to be the less-expensive option. 

There is no doubt about it, installing a new metal roof on a commercial building is one of the most expensive building maintenance costs, especially if your building is quite large. If you opt to have the roof coated with a protective coating instead, you are going to save your business a substantial amount of money, for the time being. This is one reason why having a roof coated is a good option, when there is no room in the budget for a full roof replacement. 

Con: Simply having the roof coated is not the best idea, if you have a lot of leaks. 

If your roof has problems to the extent that you are dealing with quite a few leaky areas, simply having the metal roof coated may not be enough to thwart problems. While the coating does a good job of filling in tiny cracks and holes, it is not good for large areas of damage. If you have multiple leaks, it is a good sign that the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. 

Pro: Roof coating will give you several more years of use from your roof. 

If the roof is still in pretty good shape, having the commercial metal roofing coating by a roof coating service will help prolong the life the roofing materials do have left. The material will coat every panel of roofing to deter damage that can be caused by the elements, which are common issues, if an older metal roof already has a few areas of deterioration. 

Con: Metal roofing coating does not work well on all types of roof. 

Of course, metal roofing coating works best on roofs that are created out of certain types of metal panels or materials. If you have some other type of roofing material, the coating will not adhere in the same way and will not offer the same levels of protection.

For questions, call a local roofing company.

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