Common Flat Roof Issues And How They Are Addressed

If you have a flat membrane roof on the top of your commercial building, then you should know that this type of roof is ideal for keeping your business well protected. However, flat roofs do need some maintenance, and there are a few common issues that you are likely to see. Keep reading to learn what they are and to find out what types of services a commercial roofer will provide when the damage is noted.


Blisters appear as small or large protrusions that form on the surface of the membrane roof. They will look similar to the types of blisters that you develop on your own skin. Blisters are formations that are filled with either air or water, as these materials build between your deck and the membrane to create the blister. Often, this happens due to a leak, or the blister may develop due to poor adhesion between the membrane and the roof deck. 

Blistering is an issue that is likely to get worse over time. Thermal energy from the sun will cause the blisters to expand, leading to the stretching of the membrane and the formation of new and larger blisters.

So, when blisters start to form, your roofing contractor will take a look at them to see what may be causing the issue. The blisters may be opened with a  utility knife to see if water is located inside. If so, then further inspection is needed to see where the fluid is coming from. In most cases, leaks will lead to the issue, and the leak will require repair before the blisters can be dealt with. Once the underlying issue is resolved, then blisters may be removed and replaced with patches or opened and filled in with cement materials. 


Alligatoring is another common problem. When it occurs across a flat roof, it will look similar to the uneven surface that you may notice on asphalt. Basically, you will see the roof's surface covered in either small or large uneven and cracked patches. This is a sign that the roof is aging and succumbing to UV damage. So, you might want to ask your contractor about the need for a full roof repair.

Sometimes, your contractor will be able to add a coating to your roof to help strengthen it and prolong its life. Speak with your local commercial roofing services company about the types of coatings that are available and also about the reinforcing of the roof with fiberglass or bitumen sheeting. 

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