Tips for Replacing a Ripped Asphalt Roofing Shingle

Asphalt shingles can succumb to damage from wind, hail, snow, and friction from nearby tree branches. This damage may involve ripped shingles. Rips can often be repaired, and if you want to make the repairs on your own, then there are a few tips you are going to need to make the job as successful as possible. 

Only Remove the Damaged Tab

If you have seen a new roofing shingle, then you probably have noticed that the shingle has three separate tabs on it. These tabs appear as though they are three separate shingles, but they are really connected at the sealing strip. And, while the shingles are connected, all of the tabs can be replaced separately. So, you want to examine shingles closely and only remove and replace the ones that are damaged.

If you have singular shingles that need to be removed, break the seal with a crowbar at the top of the shingle where the sealing strip is located. Slide the crowbar up and underneath the shingle to loosen it. Once the adhesive is free from the roof, you can then see where the roofing nails are located. Each tab will usually have two nails attached and the end of the crowbar can help you to remove the nails so the tab can be cut along the right and left edges of the sealing strip and then pulled away from the roof.

Choose Your Replacement Shingle Carefully

Shingles come in large packages or bundles and there are 29 three-tab shingles per package. You should be buying a full bundle to make your repair. This is ideal so that you can best match the shade of the tab that you are removing. If you match correctly, then the repair will be seamless. However, if you pick a shingle that is lighter or darker, it is likely to stick out when you look at your roof.

For the best match, you want to first determine the type of shingles that were originally installed on your roof and the approximate color. This information should be located on the paperwork you received when the roof was originally installed. Once you have this information, you want to buy the shingles, remove the damaged tab, and then compare the tab to the shingles in the bundle you purchased. After you have found the best match, you can cut the tab from the three tab shingle and adhere it in place. 

To learn more about replacing ripped asphalt shingles, contact local roof repair services.

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