Tips For Choosing The Best Roofing Material For Your Detached Garage

Planning to build a detached garage on your property because you have purchased a new vehicle or because you simply want more storage space? If so, then one important consideration you need to think about is what roofing material will be your best choice. This article examines the issue in more detail.

Same as Your Home

Of course, the most obvious choice is to use the same material for the garage that you have on your house. This is a good option in many cases, particularly if the detached garage will be visible from the street. If the house and the garage have different materials, it might not matter to you and your family, but passersby or neighbors might find the clashing materials a little jarring, which could diminish your home's curb appeal. Naturally, if the garage is not visible from the street, this will not be an issue.


Many people use their garages primarily for storage and park their vehicles somewhere else on the property. In this instance, you want to consider what types of objects are going to be stored in the garage. For example, if you are going to put flammable items, such as paint or oil, then you want to take extra precautions and have a durable, fire-resistant material, such as metal roofing. You would not want to use wood shingles even if that is what you have on the roof of your home. Metal roofing might be more expensive than certain other types of roof materials, but in some cases, such as when flammable items are being stored, the extra expense is worth it.

Rolled Asphalt Roofing

If your garage roof has a low slope, then another good choice is rolled asphalt roofing. This material is similar to asphalt shingles but comes in long rolls rather than separate tabs. Roll roofing is probably not the best choice when the garage is visible from the street because rolled roofing doesn't have any visual appeal, but if the garage is hidden from the street and has a low slope, rolled asphalt roofing can work well and save you money, as it's cheaper than the alternatives.

Choosing the best material for your detached garage is not easy, as you have a lot of factors to consider when you attempt to find the right material. The best way to proceed is to talk with a roofing contractor and get their advice before making a final decision.

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