3 Reasons Why Property Managers Choose EPDM Roofing Systems For Commercial Properties

An EPDM roofing system is durable, environmentally friendly and offers a low cost of ownership compared to other commercial roofing systems. EPDM panels are made of ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, which is a form of synthetic rubber that's nearly impervious to water and ultraviolet light. This provides EPDM panels with incredible longevity, and they can last for decades, before they need to be replaced. Read on, for three reasons why businesses are increasingly choosing EPDM roofing systems in commercial applications.

1. More Durable Than Other Commercial Roofing Options

EPDM panels are very durable—they're not affected by rain, humidity or ultraviolet light from the sun. Metal roofing systems can begin to corrode if they lose their rustproof coating, and the asphalt used in built-up roofing systems will degrade when exposed to ultraviolet light. Overall, EPDM roofing systems are more resilient compared to other types used in commercial roofing. The durability of EPDM roofing systems reduces total ownership costs—EPDM roofs can last for decades, before they require replacement.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Choosing an EPDM roofing system for your property can substantially reduce your energy usage. White EPDM panels provide high reflectivity, which allows them to remain cool, even in full sunlight. Heat from the sun will be reflected by your EPDM roofing system, which helps to keep the interior of your commercial property comfortably cool—you'll see a reduction in energy usage and cooling costs during the warmer months.

Additionally, EPDM can also be recycled. When EPDM panels have reached the end of their service life, they can be removed from a roof and run through a shredder in order to granulate them. The granulated EPDM can then be used by an EPDM panel manufacturer to create new, pristine EPDM panels. Since EPDM reduces energy usage and can be recycled, it's the perfect choice for businesses who are looking for a green roofing system.

3. Easy and Inexpensive to Repair

EPDM roofing systems resist high winds, ultraviolet light and rain, but they do have two vulnerabilities. EPDM roofing panels can begin to pull apart at the seams if they are installed incorrectly or if the adhesive on the seam tape begins to degrade. EPDM panels are also vulnerable to being punctured by debris carried by high winds or by contractors working on your roof.

However, repairing a damaged EPDM roofing system is easy and inexpensive—panels that have pulled away at the seams can simply be taped together again, and any EPDM panel that has become punctured can be patched or replaced. The ease of making repairs to an EPDM roofing system also helps to keep ownership costs low—a commercial roofing company can quickly and easily make any necessary repairs, preventing your roof from leaking and keeping the interior of your property dry.

Property managers choose EPDM roofing systems because it can reduce energy bills and offers very low total cost of ownership—even though the installation of an EPDM roofing system may be slightly more expensive than other commercial roofing options, it can save money over time due to the ease of repairs and incredible longevity. If you're interested in EPDM roofing, contact a commercial roofing company that offers EPDM installation. In many cases, you can have EPDM panels installed on top of your current roof, providing a durable barrier that will ward off rain and wind for decades to come. For questions concerning roofing and roofing options, contact a local roofing company, like Buford Roofing.

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