Concerned About Forest Fires? These Roofing Options Are Ideal

If you live in an area in which forest fires are a concern, you'll likely want to do all that you can to prevent your home from falling victim. You might feel small against the force of a forest fire, but there are certain things that you can do to lessen the likelihood of your home being engulfed, and one task starts at the top of your home. Your roof can be an effective deterrent against forest fires. If there are hot embers in the air, they can often land on the roofs of homes and begin to smolder, eventually engulfing the residence. Fortunately, certain types of roofs are more resistant to these embers than standard asphalt shingles. Here are some options to consider.


When it's exposed to heat, an asphalt shingle can begin to melt, potentially even catching fire. Eventually, this smoldering site can spread, causing the entire roof to catch fire. Fortunately, a metal roof will not have this issue. If you replace the shingles on your roof with metal, you'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief that airborne embers from a nearby forest fire won't threaten your home if some were to land on your roof. Metal is obviously highly resistant to heat.


Slate roofing tiles are expensive, so you can expect to invest a considerable amount in your roof if you opt for this type of material. Fortunately, you'll appreciate the investment because of slate's ability to resist heat. This roofing material is a natural stone substance, and there's a reason that outdoor fire pits are often surrounded in stone. Even if a glowing ember were to land on the stone, it would quickly go out. The same is true with a slate roof, making this another good choice for those who live in areas where forest fires are common.


Clay roofing tiles are one of the more visually appealing ways to adorn your home, and often pair well with walls that are made of stone or stucco. Known for their brown or burnt orange colors, clay roofing tiles aren't just easy on the eyes. They're also highly durable against heat, making them another smart choice for homeowners who reside in places where forest fires are a frequent threat. Speak to your roofing contractor to choose a roofing material that will suit your home and your budget, while also lessening the risk of forest fire-related damage.

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