How To Tell If Your Roof Suffered Damage After A Hail Storm

The summer season is notorious for pop-up thunderstorms, many of which include hail. When hail hits your roof, it can do serious damage. If you do not check your roof after a hail storm, you could miss some major issues that can lead to leaks and subsequent failure of your home's structure. If you are not one to climb on your roof, you can still identify some issues from the ground. The following are some signs of hail damage to your roof that you can see from down below:

Look at the Downspouts

After a hail storm, check your downspouts. Roofing shingles have sandy granules on them to help protect the asphalt used during manufacturing. The hail can loosen the granules and cause them to come off and into the downspouts. When the granules are gone, the shingles become weaker and do not provide adequate coverage. The granules will look like a sandy substance in the downspouts. If you see this, you should have your roof checked right away.

Look at the Home's Siding

Another way to tell if your shingles are damaged is if the home's siding has any damage. Hail is harsh, no matter the diameter. Hail can cause holes to form in the siding. If it can do that to the vinyl, chances are your roof has suffered damage as well.

Look for Dents

You should also look at all the metal structures of your home, such as vents and gutters. Just like a vehicle sustains damage from hail, the metal on your home can also suffer damage. Although the dents to the metal parts of the home are not going to do more than harm them cosmetically, it could have done damage to the rooftop as well. When you see dents to your home, it can be indicative of damage to the shingles.

Look for Fallen Shingles

You should also check your property to see if any shingles have fallen off the roof. Hail storms are typically accompanied by high winds, many strong enough to blow shingles from the house. If shingles have fallen off the home during a hail storm, you should have it inspected for further damage by hail.

If you have gone through a major hail storm, you could have some damage to the roof. If you do notice damage, be sure to take a picture for your insurance company. Before you make any effort to climb to the roof and check the shingles, take the proper precautions to ensure you do not injure yourself. It is best to hire a roofing professional to inspect the roof for you to prevent harm and to ensure all the damage is identified. For more information, contact a storm roof repair professional.

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