Preparing Your Home For The Installation Of A New Roof

Installing a new roof is a major project for any homeowner to undertake. Due to this being major work, it is important to take the steps to fully prepare the home and property for this particular work. Otherwise, you may find that your new roof installation is a more complicated and problem-prone project than is necessary.

Remove Paintings Or Pictures From The Walls

When preparing a home for the installation of a new roof, one of the first steps that should be taken is to remove any paintings or pictures that are hanging on the walls. During the installation process, there will be large amounts of hammering and other activity on the roof. This can create vibrations that can travel down the walls, and they can eventually result in these items detaching from the walls. This could result in the paintings, pictures or frames suffering extensive damage or even being destroyed. By taking the simple step of removing these items from the walls, you can avoid this potential issue.

Move Items From The Attic To Another Area Of The Home

As part of the process of installing the new roof, it is likely going to be necessary to remove the previous roof. This can expose any items that are in the attic to a higher risk of suffering damage due to being exposed to sunlight and moisture. In addition to the risk fo these items being damaged, they are also likely to simply be in the way of the contractors as they are attempting to install the new roof. For these reasons, you should move any items that are being stored in the attic to another area of the home until this work has been completed. Fortunately, new roof installations are not lengthy projects, which can drastically reduce the inconvenience that you might experience from having these items in other areas of your house.

Plan On Parking Away From The Work Area

For individuals that park near their house, it can be important to consider whether it is worth the effort to park further away during the course of this work. As the contractors are removing the previous roof and installing the new one, there are numerous materials that could fall on the ground. Some of these, such as nails, could create problems for your vehicle. While these contractors will remove these materials when they are finished with the project, this can be of little protection to individuals that are driving through the work area as it is underway.

For more information on getting a new roof install, contact your local roofing company. 

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