Protecting Your Roof From Being Blown Away

You may have seen stories in the news about someone's roof being blown off, and it may surprise you that this can actually happen. Your roof can truly blow off, either partially or totally, and end up in your neighbor's yard or in the street. However, while you can't control Mother Nature, there are some things you can do to prevent your roof from flying away during high wind events. Here is more information on why roofs blow off and tips on decreasing the chance that this will happen to you.

Why Do Roofs Blow Away?

Many roofs will, at least partially, blow away during extreme weather, but there's actually a scientific reason why a roof will blow off entirely. During a high wind event, the air blowing over the roof will swirl and create eddies that can create suction from above. When air flows in through doorways or a broken window, it creates higher pressure in the home in relation to the outside. The combination of these two things, plus the wind coming at the house from the side, can cause the roof to detach.

What Are the Signs of a Problem Roof?

Roofs that are already weakened by leaks or other damage are more likely to be blown away. Signs of leaks include raised or curled tiles, mold, and soft spots. If you are missing tiles, chances are that you will lose more material during a high wind event. Roofs that are old, poorly attached to the rafters, and not up to current codes are extremely vulnerable.

How Can a Roof Be Protected?

First, have your roof inspected on a regular basis, and have it expected again if a bad storm is on the way or if your region is expecting a bad storm season. You will especially want to check on how your roof is attached to the rafters and fix or upgrade any components. Keep your gutters clean and tightly attached. Repair any roof damage as soon as you notice a problem. Replace your tiles with windproof materials if possible.

While having the roof blown off may seem like an exaggeration, it can actually happen under certain circumstances. No matter how well-built your roof is, there are some circumstances that you can't control. However, you can make sure your roof, and your home, have the best chance of surviving a high wind event. If it has been a while since your roof was inspected, or if you know that you are entering a stormy season, have your roof checked out by a residential roofing service to make sure it is in good shape.

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