What To Do About Roofing Repairs Or Replacement After Widespread Storm Damage In Your Area

When a storm damages your roof, you're probably anxious about getting it fixed so rain doesn't cause water damage to your home. The problem might be with scheduling a roofer when many homes in your area are damaged. Here are some tips on how to handle storm damage when you might not be able to get repairs done right away.

Avoid Storm-Chasing Workers

After a storm devastates an area, people from out of the area, and even from out of the state, flock to the region in search of work. While you and your neighbors are in need of services, it usually isn't wise to hire a roofer that is not from your local area. Follow the usual rules of investigating the contractor to be sure they are licensed and insured. You may also want to look online to find out about their reputation and whether they have a website. Also, you want to know where they are from because building codes vary among locations. If your area is prone to strong winds, you may have different codes than roofers in states where codes are more lenient because storms are rare.

Be Sure You Get A Permit And Final Inspection

You are probably required to obtain a permit for a new roof, and you don't want to skip this important step. When a permit is pulled, then the work has to pass a final inspection before the city signs off on the work. Wait to pay off the roof until the inspection has been done and you are satisfied with the work. You might have to pay a deposit upfront, but don't pay for a roof replacement up front, or the roofing company may disappear with your money. This is another reason to only hire local, reputable roofers to repair your roof after a storm.

Hire Someone To Cover Your Roof With A Tarp

If your roof is crashed in, you might be moved up in the queue for work to be done. However, if you just have missing shingles or hail damage, you may need to wait your turn for a local roofer to get to your job. If that happens, hire someone to put a roof tarp on. It may not look attractive, but the tarp keeps out rain so you can relax and not worry about your roof leaking until the roofer can schedule your repairs or replacement.

You'll probably be stressed out after a bad storm that does a lot of damage to a large part of your city, but it's best to take your time and think things through before making decisions that involve a lot of money on repairs. Choosing a local roofing contractor with a good reputation in the community could be worth a wait rather than choosing a storm-chasing contractor that's difficult to contact later if problems develop. For more information, contact a local company like Final Cut Roofing and Construction LLC

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