Six Ways A Roofing Contractor Can Save Your Roof This Summer

Because of the weather that's common during the summer, roofing contractors will often have a lot of work and may be booked well in advance. However, when you have a great roofing contractor on the phone, you can schedule one of several repairs that are best done during the summer. 

1. Hunt for Damaged and Missing Shingles

The easiest time to look for broken or missing shingles is during the summer. You can hire a roofing contractor and have him or her inspect the roof to find out if any shingles are damaged or missing. Then, your roof can be repaired as soon as the contractor has acquired the type of shingles necessary to repair your roof.

2. Stop Nesting Animals

Summer is a time when some animals may try to intrude in your home to make a nest. A roofing contractor and a professional pest control company can identify pests intruding into your home through your roof and take the necessary corrective actions. 

3. Find Worn Seals and Flashings

There are several areas of your roof that should be checked to determine if their integrity has been compromised. For example, the seals and flashings that are a part of your roof should be inspected to identify any damage. The vents and vent pipes also need to be inspected for damage. 

4. Apply Coatings and Patches

If you need to apply any coatings or patches, summer is the best time to do this. Oftentimes, coatings need warm weather to set properly. However, it might be necessary to perform some of the work early in the morning depending on how hot it will be.

5. Repair Gutters

If you don't maintain your gutters, they will become clogged and water will get into the roof. This can lead to much more serious problems than clogged gutters. You should also check to make sure that your gutters aren't damaged and in need of being replaced.

6. Perform an Inspection

When you're not sure if your roof needs to be serviced, take pictures of it at the start of each year to see how your roof has changed by comparing photos side-by-side. If you're still not sure, hire a professional roofing contractor.

Summer is a great time to have a professional roof inspection performed. Roofing contractors have better knowledge and tools to identify problems with your roof and make the necessary repairs the right way the first time. By having all your repairs done at once, you'll be able to enjoy the rest of your summer.

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