Roof Replacement & Weather Concerns: Common FAQs

You have put the task of long enough, but it is now down to no more waiting—you know you must get a new roof on your home. As ideal as it would be to have perfect weather throughout the entire project, this is simply not feasible in every location. Therefore, concerns about the weather can come up for homeowners when they are getting a new roof put on their home. Take a look at some of the most common questions homeowners tend to have related to new roof installation and the weather. 

How is the house protected from the weather during a new roof installation?

This is a common question from homeowners who are having to have the entire roof stripped down and new materials installed. When the roof is not covered, any rain or precipitation is naturally going to be a concern because it can leave your home vulnerable to water damage. During the installation of the new roofing materials, the professionals will do all they can to protect your bare roof in the event of rain or inclement weather. They will bring along weatherproof tarps and tie-down straps to secure in place if bad weather roofs in so you won't have to be worried about water damage. 

Will the roofers still work on installing the roof in the rain?

If there is a rainstorm that comes in while the roof is in the process of being replaced, most roofing contractors will halt the project until things dry off. It is risky for roofers to be climbing around on a slippery roof in the rain, and they can be at risk of being hit by lightning during a storm. Even though these pauses can slow down the process a bit, they are necessary to keep the roofing professionals safe while they work. 

Should the roof be installed when it is a certain temperature?

In most cases, it won't really matter what temperature it is outside unless the roofing material used needs to be installed at a certain temperature for proper curing. For instance, some asphalt shingles have adhesives that melt down and lock the shingles together, so the materials are most often installed during warmer temperatures. Keep in mind that roofers will also not work on a roof if there is a risk of snow or ice because it can make the roof too slippery to safely work on. 

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