Why Use A Green Roof On Your Commercial Building

If you're trying to find ways to make your commercial building more environmentally friendly, you should know that you can accomplish this with green roofing. Installing a green roof involves covering a roof with vegetation and plants instead of traditional roofing material, which can provide many benefits that you may not be aware of.

Less Energy Use

Using green roofing material is going to provide significant energy savings for your commercial building. You may find that you end up using less energy during the summer to cool down the building, which reduces what you spend on air conditioning. This is due to the vegetation that acts as a natural ground cover for the roof, cooling it off naturally by preventing heat from transferring to the inside of your building.

A green roof also reduces how much pollution your building releases into the environment because your air conditioning is used far less. If reducing the carbon footprint was one of your goals, know that you can accomplish this with green roofing.

Improved Oxygen Production

Are you aware that the plants on your green roof will help produce more oxygen than would otherwise be found around your building? This is crucial in highly commercial areas that are concrete jungles that lack trees and plants. You can help contribute to improving the local air quality by having a green roof, and hopefully, other businesses will follow.

Usable Garden Space

There can be many benefits to having a usable garden space on top of your building. It can be a space for employees to relax during their lunchtime, an area for employees to come together to bond over gardening, and a nice perk of working in your building. This would not be possible if it wasn't for having a green roof, since the square footage to create a similar environment on the ground may not be available.


Know that you can have a green roof no matter what kind of existing roof you have on your building. While it is ideal for flat roofs so that the roof will still be accessible, green roofs can also be installed on roofs that have a slope. Before deciding to install a green roof, get a consultation from a local roofing contractor. They can look at your roof in person, give you an estimate, and perform all of the work for you if you decide to move forward.

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