3 Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roof Repair Company

Have spring rains brought a leaky roof? Are you wanting to get it fixed before you have to deal with extensive water damage within your home? No homeowner wants to have to deal with a roof that leaks, but this is something that becomes nearly inevitable the longer you own a home. No roof is going to be permanent, though they may be able to last for a generation. This longevity means that you should only have to deal with roof issues once or twice in your homeowning lifetime. Unfortunately, it also means that you're probably not going to have much experience in figuring out who should be fixing your roof when the time comes. A few of the most essential questions to ask about roof repair are as follows:

Do you reuse the flashing? In roofing terms, flashing refers to thin strips of metal that are fastened down underneath the shingles where two roof angles meet, such as at the roof peak and around a chimney. These strips provide an extra barrier to help prevent precipitation from making its way into the home. Since reusing the flashing is free and adding fresh flashing is an additional expense, some home roof repair companies will automatically reuse the flashing. But when flashing is reused, the old and new nail holes will never line up perfectly. This can create avenues for water to get in even when you have a brand-new roof. Always look for roofers that will put new flashing in place.

How much experience do you have with this roofing material? Not every home roof repair is created equal. Replacing clay tile roofs will require a different skill set than replacing asphalt shingles, and both will be different from using wood or faux wood shingles. If your home has a somewhat unique roofing material for the area, you're going to want to find a roofer who has as much experience as possible with your material. An inexperienced roofer could cause damage to your roof if everything isn't installed correctly.

When can you start working on the roof? In the spring, when roof leaks are often discovered, it's not unusual if you can't find a home roof repair company that will be able to start immediately. Depending on the experience of the company in question and the local demand, you could be forced to wait weeks while they take care of other customers who called in first. If you're concerned about storm damage before your roof can be fixed, you can ask the company to cover the affected area with a tarp or plastic sheeting. This obviously isn't a permanent solution, but it will help keep your roof and your home safe until it can be repaired properly.

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