Chimney Crickets And Other Roofing Solutions Homeowners May Not Know They Need

Most homeowners have enough knowledge about their home's roof to spot basic condition issues that could lead to leaks or shorten the lifespan of their home's roof, such as missing or damaged shingles. Because new roofs are expensive, taking the time to learn about some more advanced roofing solutions can be a good way to prolong the usefulness of the current roofing materials. 

Chimney crickets 

Shingles and some other types of roofing materials can be subject to expedited wear and the formation of leaks at the base of chimneys that are wider than 30 inches. This occurs because a wide chimney is more prone to trapping leaves, twigs, and other debris, preventing them being washed off during a rainfall. Instead, these items soon form a thick layer of debris capable of holding in moisture and creating heat that promotes the deterioration of shingles, wood, and other materials. 

A chimney cricket is a small, tent-shaped structure easily formed from scraps of wood and covered with the same roofing material as the roof where it will be installed. Chimney crickets are placed along the wide side of a chimney and act as a guard to prevent leaves and other debris from building up in the sheltered area.

If installed on an existing roof, chimney crickets are often covered with metal flashing, while those installed at the same time as the roof are covered in the same roofing material. 

Gutter aprons 

Guttering installation does not always include gutter aprons, but it usually should. Gutter aprons are a shaped piece of aluminum that helps direct water into the gutter system while protecting wood and other surfaces from excessive moisture. 

When guttering is installed without the benefit of a gutter apron, water from rain or melting snow and ice can seep behind the gutter trough. Over time, this moisture causes deterioration and decay in wood surfaces, including soffits, fascia, and the sheathing layer of the roof. 

A tell-tale sign that gutter aprons are not installed or have become damaged is noting water stains or rusty discoloration on the surfaces of the soffit and fascia.

While most easily installed during the installation of a new roof, gutter aprons can be installed on an existing roof by slipping them beneath the layer of shingles known as the starter row or course. The starter shingles are the initial shingles laid on the very edge of the roof. 

Homeowners who want to learn more about roof crickets, gutter aprons, or any other roofing technique that will help them extend the lifespan of their home's roof should contact a local company like Right Way Roofing, Inc to discuss their goals. 

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