Interesting Things To Know About Slate Roofing

A slate roof could be a nice addition to your home when you need to get a new roof. Quality slate could last well over 100 years so you or even your kids may never have to put another roof on the house. Plus, slate has a unique beauty all its own that gives your home an upscale appearance. Here are some interesting things to know about slate roofing.

You'll Probably Need A New Deck

Plywood is a common material for roof decks, especially decks for asphalt roofs. However, plywood isn't the best choice for slate because slate has such a long life that it will outlast the plywood. Instead, your contractor may remove your old deck and apply solid wood boards that will last for many decades and support the slate.

Slate Comes In Different Colors And Shapes

Not all slate is the same. It varies according to where it is mined. Colors include purple, black, green, gray, and blue shades. When your roofer applies the slate tiles, they usually mix up the batches to blend in any color variations that can even come from a single quarry. If you want a truly unique look for your roof, you might purchase slate from different quarries so they are in a broad range of colors. Slate comes in different shapes too, such as rectangle, square, fish scale, irregular, or diamond. The variety in color and shape gives you the opportunity to create a custom roof that's unique to your home. Slate also comes in different thicknesses. The thicker tiles can be heavy, so you'll want to make sure your home can support their weight.

The Lifespans Of Slate Roofs Vary

Slate is a long-lasting roofing material, but the lifespan of individual slate tiles depends on the nature of the slate. Slate in some regions is very hard, so it could last for a couple of centuries. Slate mined from other places is much softer, so it might not make it to a single century. Before you buy slate roofing, you want to know where the tiles were mined because then you'll have an idea of the expected lifespan and quality of the stone.

Installing A Slate Roof Requires Skill And Artistry

The installation of a slate roof is much different than installing asphalt shingles. For one thing, the roofers can't walk or sit on the tiles, so the job has to be planned out so the tiles can be installed without being damaged. The tiles come with holes already in them because nailing them could cause cracking. Even with the holes in place, care has to be taken not to nail the tiles too tight or leave them too loose. Also, the amount of overlap has to be just right so rain can't seep between the tiles and onto the deck.

A slate roof will add beauty to your home due to the appearance of the natural stone and due to the craftsmanship of the installation. Besides being attractive, slate also offers superior fire and rain protection for your home.

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