Getting A New Roof? 3 Things To Consider

Chances are that roof replacement isn't something that you will need to do more than a couple of times over the course of owning your own home. Roofing is meant to be long-lasting and durable. However, eventually, even the sturdiest of roofs will need to be replaced either due to their age or damage from the weather or other events. If it's time to replace the roof on top of your home, you will want to make sure that you make the right decision. Here are three things to consider.

Your Options

There's a lot more to picking out a new roof than simply replacing it with a similar roof. The options for roofing are vast, and it's important to take a look at what's available before making your decision. While asphalt shingles are still very popular, metal roofing has been gaining popularity throughout much of the US. Other materials that you may want to consider include tile, slate, and even wood shake. You will want to find a roofing material that will hold up well to the elements while also being an attractive addition to your home. Your roof plays a key role in your home's curb appeal.

Your Budget

Of course, when you are choosing a new roof, it's important to look into options that also fit within your budget. Roofing can vary significantly in cost depending on the size of your home and the materials used. The good news is that a roofing company will be able to give you solid estimates of how much your new roof will cost. Discussing your budget thoroughly with your roofing contractor beforehand is key. On average asphalt roofing costs between $120 and $400 per 100 square feet. Slate ranges between $800 and $4,000, tile between $600 and $4,000, and metal between $500 and $1,800 per 100 square feet.

Roofing Lifespan

When it comes to roofing materials, it's important to note that roofing lifespans can vary significantly. Asphalt roofs tend to last around 20 years before replacement is needed. Wood shake roofing will typically last around 30 years before replacement is required. Slate, copper, and tile roofing tend to be the longest lasting. These materials can easily last for 50 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

If you are having your roof replaced, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, there are a variety of options to choose from. Your budget will likely play a key role in your decision since roofing materials can vary drastically in price. You will also want to consider your new roof's estimated lifespan when making your decision. Some types of roofing can last decades longer than others.

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