5 Residential Roofing Improvements To Reduce Maintenance And Extend The Life Of Materials

When you are installing a new roof on your home, you want to make sure that the materials will last, but you also want to have less maintenance to do. There are improvements that can be done when installing new roofing materials to reduce maintenance and get more life out of the roofing materials. The following improvements will help reduce the maintenance needs and extend the life of materials:

1. Adding Gutters with Guards to Protect Your Foundation and Your Roof

One of the best improvements for your home when installing a new roof is adding gutters. Gutters help protect the foundation from rain runoff that can cause damage, especially in homes with basements. In addition, you can also have guards added to the gutters to protect your roof from damage that is caused by debris and ice dams that form at the eaves.

2. Upgrading Roofing to More Durable Materials That Add Energy Efficiency

There are plenty of options for residential roofing materials to have installed on your home. If you are looking for the best improvements for your new roof, consider materials like synthetic tiles, metal or natural shakes that will make your roof more energy-efficient and durable.

3. Improve Attic Ventilation to Protect the Wood Structure from Damage

One of the biggest causes of wood rot in the attics of homes is poor ventilation. If you are replacing a roof and there is dry rot, this usually means that your attic needs more ventilation. Make sure that the attic of your home has plenty of ventilation when installing new roofing materials on your home.

4. Installing Premium Ridge Cap and Flashing Materials That Look Great and Last

The roof of your home is going to need to have some type of ridge cap and flashing installed. You can highlight the design of your roof with premium materials like powder-coated metal or copper materials. Using these materials for the flashing and ridge caps will also give you the added benefit of making your roof more durable. To further protect your home from leaks, have rubber membrane flashing installed beneath the metal materials.

5. Use More Durable and Energy Efficient Underlayment To Protect Your Roof

It is also important to consider the underlayment that is installed beneath roofing materials. This underlayment material can  help protect against energy loss. There are varieties with foil backing on plywood or those with synthetic moisture barriers that provide more protection against leaks. Talk with your roofing contractor about options for the underlayment that will improve the roof of your home.

Improvements to your residential roof installation will help make it low-maintenance and long-lasting. If you are ready to have a new roof installed, contact a residential roofing contractor and talk to them about the right improvements for your home.

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